Math Academy

Our Math Academy is unique and only one in town that helps you improve your math skills efficiently.  If you are looking to get ahead in your class or you simply want to improve your math skills, then our Math Academy is for you! We have classes for all ages and desired skills. Our Math Academy is a four week module that meets 2 times a week through out the session for 1.5 hours. Overall, there are 8 classes in the math academy module and  it is never boring!

Its been proven over and over again that students learn best when there are no pressures of exams, homeworks or projects! Our Math Academy provides a stress free environment giving room for our students to master our topic specific modules.

The sessions are packed with vibrant people and practical fun math activities that will not only challenged your brain, but also develop your math skills along the way. You will get to meet new people with similar goals and networking opportunities. We have different Math Academy modules that you can sign up for depending on your math level, skill or age.

Below are a list of some of our popular Math Academy modules:

Math of Everyday (MOE): Our most popular Math Academy module. This module is designed for Adults needing to refresh their math skills. It is never boring rather very eventful, teaching you quick and easy ways to perform everyday math. Topics covered includes: Arithmetic, Geometry, Algebra and many more. It is broken down into 3 modules with individual modules lasting four weeks.

Module A: Number Operation and Geometry 
By the end of this module student will be able to:

  • Identify rational and irrational numbers and Application
  • Understand properties of numbers and Applications
  • Understand how to use Number line and Application
  • Understand Pythagorean Theorem and Application
  • Define Geometric formulas and Applications
  • Understand Integer Exponents and Applications
  • Understand Scientific notation and Applications

Module B: Measurements and Algebra
By the end of this module student will be able to:

  • Understands different units and Application
  • Understand measurements of Time, Mass, Length, Volume and Temperature
  • Define different Area formulas and Applications
  • Define different Volumes formulas and Applications
  • Learn how to evaluate algebraic expressions
  • Learn how to simplify algebraic expression
  • Perform Factoring, Completing the Square and Quadratic Formula
  • Learn the basics of functions

Module C: Probability and Statistics
By the end of this module student will be able to:

  • Understand the concept of Arithmetic Mean
  • Understand different Distributions and Application
  • Identify the error function (erf)
  • Learn to generate Histogram plots
  • Learn data mean, median and mode
  • Evaluate Standard deviation and
  • Define moments and transformation of random variables

Pre-Calculusity: This module targets our freshmen in college or high schools students transitioning into college. Also those who are trying to take standardize test such as ACT, SAT, GRE can take the module as well. It covers both Algebra and some basic Trigonometry

Module A: Functions and Graph
By the end of this module student will be able to:

  • Determine if a relation is a function
  • Understand Domains and ranges of a function
  • Solve equation relationship
  • Generate graphs from a given functions
  • Understand quadratic functions and its graph
  • Transform graphs of original functions
  • Perform Symmetry analysis of graphs
  • Understand inverse relationship
  • Perform algebraic operations on composition of functions.
Module B: Polynomial, Radical, Exponential, Log Functions
By the end of this module students will be able to:
  • Identify polynomial functions
  • Perform detail algebraic operations on polynomials
  • Determine the zeros of polynomial
  • Solve real world problems using polynomials
  • Find domain of rational numbers
  • Simplify rational expressions
  • Understand exponential laws, functions and their graph
  • Model real world problem with exponential functions
  • Understand and graph Log Functions
  • Solve exponential and log equations

Module C: Trigonometry and Limits 
By the end of the Module students will be able to:

  • Evaluate the six trigonometric ratios
  • Solve triangles using trigonometric ratios
  • Understand radians, degrees and their conversion
  • Define unit circle, trigonometric functions and identities
  • Model real world problems using trigonometric problems
  • Graph sine, cosine and tangent of functions
  • Find the domain and range of trigonometric functions
  • Prove trigonometric identities equality
  • Use Limit to find continuity of functions
  • Find the limit of functions as x approaches infinity

SAT/ACT Math PrepThis module targets high schools students preparing for SAT exam. Our unique and proven approach will definitely help students improve their test score. We prepare students to take test efficiently under timed environment and build their confidence on different questions.

By the end of the Module students will be able to:

  • Understand Numbers and Operation
  • Understand Algebra and Functions
  • Solve Geometry and Measurements Problems
  • Interpret Data Analysis, Statistics and Probability
  • Adapt to a time-base examination

Other subjects includes:
Algebra for Middle School, Geometry for Middle School, Trigonometry for High School and more. Visit our schedule page to see upcoming modules

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